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10 weeks House dance mit Joachim!

We are super hyped to be offering you amazing training with Joachim Wicht! Bringing House training to Tanzwerk 3011!

It is a 10 Class special so don’t miss out and use this opportunity to train, try something new or deepen your knowledge, sign up now via DM, Email or just drop in!

DONNERSTAG 18:00 - 19:00, 18. April bis zum 20. Juni 2024 (10 Wochen).

10 Classes 190.-!

Single Class 25.-

Joachim is a Freestyle dancer, choreographic artist, teacher and psychologist from Fribourg, Switzerland. His lifelong love of street and club dance has taken him around the globe, notably Japan, the United States, France and Senegal, to discover its roots and branchings. Passionate about movement and music, but above all about what brings people together, he constantly works for the community through various creative and transmission projects, with the aim of raising consciousness through the group.


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